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Round 1 - Referee Marc-Andre Cote in charge of this lightweight contest. Touch of gloves, and Makdessi immediately to work with kicks. Stout advances and throws a one-two. Next tries are blocked. Makdessi goes with a nice left hand counter to Stout's combo. Stout counters a leg kick. Nice jab for Makdessi. Glancing leg kick from Stout. Stout goes with wild hook and gets popped by short counter from Makdessi. Stout changes levels and attacks the body. Nice leg kick from Stout. Side kick from Makdessi, and a nice jab to keep Stout away. Makdessi circling Stout, who's looking for a way in. Nice short left from Makdessi as Stout charges. Switching stances is Makdessi. Nice punch off kick for "The Bull." Jab guts there, too. Stout charges but Makdessi plays matador. Nice jab from Makdessi. Stout's face is reddening. Nice rig hand from Stout, and he tries to finish with a takedown. No dice. He jabs in after eating one. Big wild right hand from Stout gets a tight one-two. He digs to the body. Stout, though, is missing a lot. Makdessi lands a spinning back kick. Makdessi winning the war of counters. Stout is aggressive, but less effectively so. First round ends, and gives it 10-9 to Makdessi.

Round 2 - Stout charging ahead as Makdessi again works a side kick. Leg kick from Stout is caught. Makdessi counters again. Body shot lands for Stout, but he eats a counter to the dome for it. Reset. Stout changes levels. Makdessi with body kick. Nice jab for Makdessi. Stout missing with big right off jabs. Dual body shots for Stout. He's certainly winning the colume game, here. He shoots from open and briefly gets Makdessi to the mat, but they're both up in a sec. Head kick grazes Makdessi's face. Body kick for Stout. Makdessi's attempts at same are blocked. Stout nice with a one-two counter. But Makdessi pops him with a jab. High pace in this fight. Nice jab for Stout. Makdessi kicks to the body. Stout still pressing forward as Makdessi looks for the counter. Will be interesting to see how judges score this. Makdessi scores with a big one-two off a counter, but Stout is unrattled. Stout lands a nice right hand. Stout leads to the body and takes a jab. He grabs a leg, but after dragging Makdessi around the cage still can't get things down. Left counter from Makdessi seals the round. scores the second frame 10-9 for Makdessi.

Round 3 - Stout eats a jab but avoids a spinning kick from "The Bull." Two-part kick frm Makdessi. A spinning hook kick nearly gets Stout. Jabs for Stout land. Stout leads to the body. Still an insane pace for the two. Makdessi countering with jab, then lands a nice left hook. He catches a kick and makes Stout pay again. Stout to the body. Stout chases Makdessi, who circles off. Stout runs straight into a left hand. Makdessi with a slick head kick in transition. Stout still coming forward. Of the two, though, he looks worse for the wear. He's eating two to give one. Jab stops his attack. For a second…he's still chasing. A takedown attempt misses. Makdessi expertly playing matador here. Nice bob and counter jab for Makdessi, who's just a bit faster than Stout in every exchange. Stout is making up for it with aggression and volume, but the points are going mostly to Makdessi. A low kick briefly pauses us. Stout charges in again and easts a jab. Stout tries to go with a knee this time and then shoots unsuccessfully again. He's charging and throwing punch after punch after punch that mostly miss. scores the round 10-9 for Makdessi, who should take this 30-27. John Makdessi def. Sam Stout via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

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