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Originally Posted by Couchwarrior View Post
The guy in the story is you, and you won't be happy before we all agree that you are tough as nails and got beaten up just because the combination of being small and having trained martial arts causes people to mysteriously freeze up?
Yes. The guy is me. Except that I am - being 5'11 - not that small.

And while trying to figure out why I still freeze I investigate what I did to counter that issue.

Saying that on forums leaves people with the conclusion I was weak mentally, which is not helping obviously.

But the art, whose task it is to prepare you physically and mentally couldn't be flawed, is what they say. They are too dependent on their art to be flawless as they are not sure about this aspect of their art themselves.

It usually goes like this: The art is not flawed, you are, go to a therapist is what forum members say. Therapist says, you are flawed and I want to help you by making you weaker(sic). Forum members say, so you were at a therapist's and he couldn't help you. You are such a freak.

Yes ma is flawed as I followed it's rules but I didn't get the result it promised. So the question is: Why is this so?

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