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Round 1 - Referee Marc-Andre Cote is the referee for this featherweight fight. Hominick comes right at Garza, who immediately starggers him with a left hand. Hominick comes forward and eats kicks from the ling-limbed fighter. Garza with shot to the body. He's sniping as Hominick chases. More kicks for Garza, who's briefly pinned against the cage. Hominick is looking for the big shot and taking a jot of blows. But he finally opens up and…meets glove. Garza escapes and fires back. Hominick back in, and he eats a jab. Garza circles away and lands a leg kick. Hominick eats a knee as he comes in with his head lowered. Reach is killing Hominick here. A right hand hurts Garza, but he recovers and lets more kicks go. He grabs a clinch and Hominick tosses them to the mat. Garza gets an armbar, but Hominick picks him up and wiggles out of it. From there, he lands big shot from up top. Garza kicks off and Hominick escapes. Leaping knee from Garza, and Hominick goes with the jab again. Garza attacking body. Then Hominick drops him with a body shot and lands a knee in transiting. Uppercut looks like it hurt Hominick's eye. Garza on the assault now in the crazy round. Hominick's left eye is a mess, and Garza is unloading against the cage. Round ends with a cloud of smoke from the wild swings in action. scores the frame 10-9 for Hominick for dropping Garza.

Round 2 - That left eye is swelling, and Garza launches a spinning skink. Hominick attacks the body again, and Garza tries the same. Charging leg kick for Garza. Hominick working his boxing. Garza shoots for a takedown and Hominick rolls, but Garza winds up on top in Hominick's guard. Finally, the action slows. Garza posturing as Hominick looks for an armbar. Garza with a few shots from up top. Hominick angles for a leg, and Garza pushes them to the edge of the cage. He lands elbows from up top. Garza's length makes it easy for him to hit the head while still pressed against Hominick's torso. Hominick trying to tie things up. Garza stands and unloads heavy punches that damage. Hominick scrambles and almost grabs a leg. But Garza is having his way, and Hominick is getting battered. Again, Hominick tries to snag a leg, and the crowd chants his name. Garza is having none of it. His size is just too much to manipulate. Big elbow for Garza. Hominick's face swelling. Now he's tying up. But those elbows just keep coming. Ten seconds left, and the action is slowing. Round ends with a clear 10-9 in the corner of Garza, making the score even at 19-19.

Round 3 - Hominick has cuts under both eyes now. Head kick leads for Garza. Hominick still jamming in. He's again meeting a whole lot of resistance from Garza, who's active with kicks and punches. Best shots so far have been to the body. Hominick corners him briefly and unloads after a takedown attempt. Garza charges and put the pair on the mat. And we're back to a very bad place for Hominick, who's eating more elbow sandwiches. He twice hoists his legs for an armbar, but Garza has his number. Three minutes left, and Garza stands. Hominick grabs a leg, preventing Garza from getting leverage to throw big shots. But when Garza returns to guard, he's got elbows all day. Next time he stands, big shots score. Elbows again. Garza briefly stands. Hominick kicks him off, and instantly, Garza chases down another takedown. You know what happens from here. Garza stands and lands big punches. Hominick grabs an arm but doesn't have enough leverage for the joint-lock. Garza raises his arms at the bell, and a very swollen Hominick heads to his corner. Another 10-9 for Garza, who should take this 29-28. Pablo Garza def. Mark Hominick via unanimous decision (29-27, 30-26, 29-28)

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