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Round 1 - Referee Yves Lavigne is third man in the cage for this lightweight fight. Bocek is the offensive guy here, pressing in until the two meet the cage. Dos Anjos grabs a plumb and fires off a knee, which prompts a reply in kind before the two separate. Nice left hand for Dos Anjos on the break-off. Leg kick for the Brazilian. Dos Anjos goes high with kick as Bocek charges into the clinch. Bocek grabs a leg and throws a knee, prompting Dos Anjos to reset. Bocek on a single now, and nearly vaults Dos Anjos overhead. Dos Anjos grabs a plumb and lands some nice knees to break himself out of clinch purgatory. Lot of feints from Dos Anjos to keep Bocek guessing. Bocek plods forward. Uppercut lands in middle of combo for Dos Anjos. He misses with big uppercut. Bocetk trips on a high kick. He gets up and drives them to the cage, grabbling for a double leg. Dos Anjos stuffs it and attempts a switch knee. Overhand left for Dos Anjos. Leg kick prompts shot from Bocek, who's again ensnared in a plumb before changing levels for a leg. His drop to a knee doesn't faze Dos Anjos, who again spins out. A jumping front kick, and the two bump heads badly before resetting. First round goes to Dos Anjos 10-9 for takedown defense and superior striking.

Round 2 - A leg kick lands for Dos Anjos, who subsequently takes a kick to the jewels. After a brief restert, Dos Anjos digs to the body. Bocek shoots and is repaid with a punch to the face. He adjusts and tries again against the fence, but instead winds up on bottom, where he takes a few shots. He springs up and tries for a kimura, but Dos Anjos drives him down. Dos Anjos has an arm now and goes from kimura to armbar, but Bocek defends and drives forward for a takedown. Again, he's stuffed, and Dos Anjos lands punches in transition. Dos Anjos now has a leg, but then peels off with a few punches. Bocek's left eye has taken a nasty shot and is closing. He shoots again but is dodged, and Dos Anjos retorts with his own takedown. He winds up at Bocek's back, where he flings a few hammerfists. Bocek has a hold of his arm, then rolls to his hands and knees. He's clinging to Dos Anjos's leg for dear life. Bocek stands and gets taken down in short order. He stands again and takes punches and elbows against the cage. When Dos Anjos peels off, he's a swollen mess. They trade kicks to end the round. scores the second frame for Dos Anjos, 10-9, putting him ahead 20-18 on the scorecard.

Round 3 - Bocek takes a kick and punch before landing a nice body kick to start final frame. Front kick from Dos Anjos, who's feinting and dodging takedown attempts. He shoots on his own and misses against the cage, and Bocek is now looking to take the fight down. Bocek scoops the legs, but Dos Anjos has a hand posted and rights himself. Big return punches from Dos Anjos, who hoists Bocek northward and dumps him. Dos Anjos works around to the cage, and Bocek wheels them around working for a kimura before they reset. Dos Anjos with leg kick. Right hand for Bocek. Dos Anjos jumps in with a knee to body. Dos Anjos comes out with another point in subsequent exchange. He falls in anticipation of another takedown, and Bocek drives again. Bocek grabs a leg and finds himself in another plumb eating knees in close. Lavigne separates them, and Dos Anjos charges with combo after combo. He's getting loose, not landing much, but compared to Bocek, he's looking a whole lot better. He gets wild with a spinning kick. Bocek evades and counters. A few indecisive exchanges end the fight. scores the final frame 10-9 for Dos Anjos, who should take this 30-27. Tough night for Canadians so far. Rafael dos Anjos def. Mark Bocek via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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