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Round 1 - Referee Yves Lavigne is third man in cage for this welterweight title unification fight. St-Pierre immediately pressing in. Leg kicks for the champ. Condit returns, circles off jab. Condit high kick blocked. St-Pierre closing again. A combo is blocked from the interim champ. St-Pierre pursues. Inside leg kick for champ. Condit front kick misses. Condit explodes with combo that's blocked. St-Pierre punch lands and COndit circles. St-Pierre lands a punch, then gets a single leg and puts Condit on the mat. St-Pierre postures and works a can opener. Condit angles for armbar, but St-Pierre is hip to that. Elbow for the champ. St-Pierre passes to half-guard. He postures up and lands a few shots. Another pass attempt is blocked. Still stuck in half0guard, and Condit recovers guard. Can opener for Condit, who angles legs for armbar. St-Pierre stands and lands a punch overhead. St-Pierre stands again and, well, does what he's best at. Condit isn't doing much to scramble, preferring to try submissions or throw punches. St-Pierre keeps him honest with a big shot overhead. Then returns to guard, where he lands elbows. Condit again agaigles for an arm, then threatens a leg to right himself. A cut has opened on Condit's right brow. scores the first frame 10-9 for St-Pierre.

Round 2 - St-Pierre back to his advance. Condit with inside kick. He thinks about a leaping knee but decides against it. A high kick is blocked. St-Pierre with straight jab. Combo from Condit blocked. St-Pierre tries front kick and misses with follow up high roundhouse. Condit with front kick. St-Pierre jabs. Straight right lands for the champ. One-two from Condit misses, and another. High kick from champ blocked. He's working to corner Condit. Nice jab for St-Pierre. St-Pierre takes a jab. Condit digs to the body. Condit leaps right into a one-two from St-Pierre. One-two from Condit misses. He telegraphs a high kick. St-Pierre jabs. Spinning backfist misses. Condit lands to the body. A leg kick is scooped by St-Pierre, and he's back on top in half-guard. Condit is bleeding. St-Pierre stands and lands a shot overhead. Condit rolls for a leg again, but St-Pierre fights it. Can opener from St-Pierre to open up Condit. He stands and fires off more punches that land. Both of them are turning red from Condit's blood. Condit with elbows to the top of the dome. St-Pierre still trucking. More punches from up top. He stands overhead and sends Condit reeling with a punch. St-Pierre counters with a one-two, and second round is over. scores it 10-9 for St-Pierre, putting him up 20-18.

Round 3 - St-Pierre resumes forward charge. Body kick from Condit. Jab from champ and inside leg kick. Wheel kick from Condit misses. But his next serious attempt, a left high kick, takes St-Pierre off his feet. Condit is all over St-Pierre with punches and elbows. St-Pierre trying to tie up and escape. Upkick for St-Pierre and he rolls to escape. His eye is bleeding now, but he's advancing. One-two from St-Pierre is followed by easy takedown against cage. St-Pierre is working ground and pound as Condit angles hips for an armbar. Elbow for St-Pierre. Condit with body triangle from the bottom. He's now working to get up as St-Pierre presses him back. Punches from up top for St-Pierre. Condit stands, but St-Pierre has his waist. Condit grabs a kimura but can't get it, and spills to the mat on bottom, where St-Pierre's ground assault continues. Less than a minute remaining, and Condit works to sweep. But St-Pierre passes to half-guard. Condit again goes with a kimura, but St-Pierre gets his arm free and throws down a few punches before the round ends. scores it 10-9 for St-Pierre.

Round 4 - Kicks from Condit to start the round, as St-Pierre closes distance. The two trade high kicks bfore St-Pierre charges in and nabs another takedown against the cage. Condit sits up, but St-Pierre presses him back down. An attempted pass to side guard fails for St-Pierre. So he resumes doing damage in guard. Condit rolls to his side and takes a punch that makes him reconsider. St-Pierre briefly passes to side guard, but Condit gets guard back. An elbow lands for St-Pierre. Condit works again for an armbar, and uses his long legs to tie up St-Pierre. It's a brief vacation, as St-Pierre escapes and fires down a punch that makes the crowd scream. Back in guard, Condit scoots back and rights himself against the cage. IN a subsequent scramble he gets top position, but spends not a moment there before St-Pierre gets up, grabs his waist, and puts them on the mat. Condit again using long legs to defend from punishment. He manages to get up again and briefly exposes his back as the round ends. scores the frame 10-9 for St-Pierre, putting him up 40-36.

Round 5 - Again, St-Pierre presses. One-two from Condit blocked, and high kick. St-Pierre takes a jab. Condit goes to the inside of the leg. Condit looking for left hook. Spinning back kick lands for Condit. St-Pierre is unfazed. Condit hits a switch on St-Pierre 's next takedown attempt, and thought St-Pierre has a leg, Condit gets free. St-Pierre lands a right hand. Straight right lands for Condit, who punches forward at a retreating St-Pierre. High kick from Condit blocked. Condit lands a punch on the back end of an exchange. Then lands again. St-Pierre finds his defense and keeps moving forward. He punches right into a takedown against the cage, and Condit is flat on his back. In half-guard, St-Pierre is working to pass as crowd chants. St-Pierre almost has leg free to pass, then gets COndit's back as he rolls. Condit rolls again and St-Pierre gets back to guard, where he pounds away with punches as the seconds tick away. Condit working a kimura, but he isn't getting it. Big elbows from up top as the round, and fight, ends. scores the final round 10-9 for St-Pierre, giving him the 50-45 shutout.
Champ Georges St-Pierre def. interim champ Carlos Condit via unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-45)

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