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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Meh, top control is stupidly over rated from the guard(s) position. I score damage over control, but obviously the judges and most other fans don't, hence so many fans thinking Rory Macdonald was beating Condit for the first two rounds with top control although landing nothing significant.
You really don`t get it huh?

I've been a Nick Diaz fan for the better part of a decade and I used to say the same thing. 'How the hell did Nick lose he was beating the hell out of that guy from his back...'

But it doesn't matter.

The judges have the collective IQ of one retarded 6 year old.

Duh guy on da top winz erry time yuh!

And until we get judges who understand the sport, it will never change.

And if it was anyone but Carlos on the end of this, I would be a little pissed off too.

But Carlos deserves it imo. Now he can see what it feels like when you train for months to fight a guy, and he shows up and just refuses to fight you. And wins.

But GR, let's not have a full meltdown tonight bro. It didn't go your way tonight, but you gotta reign it in a bit, man.

Hendricks KO'd Kampmann and GSP humped Carlos into the living death.

It happens.

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