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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
People don't give GSP credit. His top game (ground) is on par with a an Anderson Silva striking game say in mid 2000s which is still pretty impressive. His technical prowess, maneuvering, slipping out of submissions constantly, control, pushing a frenetic pace, and GNP has to be commended. The ONLY thing he lacks is KO power. If he had the equivalent KO power of the LHW title holder in his respective division he would have finished 90% of his fights.

Also I realized that's why GSP is more proned to getting injured because his fights always go the distance as opposed to the other champions in other divisions who are able to finish quicker.

PS: Although exciting, as I said Condit is far too reckless with his striking even though the Brazillian kick and 3+4 lhk combo was pretty sweet. Anderson Silva would have done what he always does countering and it would be lights out.

PSS: I now believe GSP is being pressured into a fight he DOES NOT want against Anderson Silva. As much as the majority of us want to see it, it's really up to his camp. He said Condit was the biggest threat. Facing Anderson Silva will take that honour.
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