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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
An opinion is an opinion, but it can be debunked with fact.

LNP does not leave a man's face looking like ground beef. That's a fairly indisputable fact. I'd say it was common sense, but that might be lost on you.
Yeah I guess it is lost on me.

You should rage quit the forum in protest.

GSP clearly won this fight. He did a bit of humping, but as I've said before in all the Fitch threads. Humping takes two.

Carlos was doing tight defense on the ground, if he had been scrambling more frantically to get up, he would have taken a far worse beating from GSP.

The onus is on the guy on the bottom to get up. You fight from your back in the UFC, you better finish the fight or you are going to lose, period.

He must have known he was losing, but he didn't give up guard and eat shots to try to get up. He made his bed.

GSP did more than enough on the ground imo Carlos knew that and there came a point in the fight where he just wanted to make it to the final bell as opposed to giving up bad positions on the ground to make an attempt to get up.

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