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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
He threw a decent HEAD kick. Not Leg kick.

I know what you are trying to say and why but that is the wrong way of saying it.

Leg kicks imply he is kicking the leg.

Since when you say KICK it already implies the fact that he is using his legs. So the word beforelets you know where he kicked. IE. HEAD kick or LEG kick. Since you dont "kick" with your arms.
Thanks for the lesson, but I know what a kick is.

You've completely mis-understood my point. Condit threw heaps of leg kicks against Diaz, it was one of his primary weapons. Against GSP he threw a few weak ones that were never intended to cause any damage, he looked tentative. Then, when he eventually pulled the trigger, GSP was waiting and took him down instantly. It was just used as a point to indicate the tentativeness of Condit's attack, and how GSP made him pay when he was aggressive. I'm well aware he landed a good HEAD kick.

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