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One thing I noticed is that Condit has very peculiar movement with his body when throwing shots + combos so that leg kick (signature combo) was really hard to see especially since his eye was blurry. He lowers his head, hesitates slightly and throws leg kicks and switches up high from time to time disrupting the timing and pattern. In that regards Condit is tricky. Unfortunately as I said in a previous thread he has a decent amount of arsenal, but shots that he continues over and over without trying new tactics. That's the problem every fighter has endured against GSP. They can't figure out how to stop those takedowns even though they know it's coming.

Condit is deadly, but he's not the best Muay Thai practitioner out there. His ground game is solid, but not good enough to threaten the way Maia or Werdum can. Hence why GSP could control the top position relatively easily.

Hendricks poses an interesting match up. Goldberg said something intelligent for the first time. Hendricks wings it hard leaving him open for a takedown, but that's probably because he's comfortable on the mat and does not care if it goes there. Koscheck showed that if you can keep up with Hendricks his arsenal becomes very limited and he also tires out with all the muscle he's packing. He's a big WW.

People who are against GSP, I get it. If every fighter was like that it may get a bit frustrating. But there's only one. He does a heck of a lot more than Fitch or Lay Praynard I'll tell you that much. As I said if he had finishing power, he would have TKOed 90% of his opponents by now. Look at their faces; Fitch, Alves, BJ Penn, and even Condit 1st round. He maims em, saps their energy, demoralizes them, but unfortunately can't quite put em away.

So I've come to respect that GSP methodically breaks down his opponent the blue collar way, minute by minute, round by round. Not an easy thing to do.

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