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50-45 was the right score. This is MMA, not boxing. Anyone who thinks that 'damage from the bottom' is more important than being taken down in the first place, can't then really believe that being knocked down is 'the be all and end all' of scoring a round ... getting someone down is worth something, sure, but unless it's due to an actual KO you need to have that knock down amount to something more than a few seconds of 'control' (especially if you then get taken down and controlled for 90% of the round.)

Those who don't like the ground game have a right to their opinion, no matter how stupid it might be. Watching GSP manhandle the cream of the crop in the WW division (it's not like he doing this to WW rookies) and every one of them spend the whole night on their back wondering what the hell happened, is impressive.

My concern about GSP in this fight was that he seemed not able to pass half guard. Usually he puts on a clinic on how to pass guard, last night not so much ... I'm putting that down to Condit's skill from his back for now, and maybe part of the GSP plan so as not to take chances getting caught duing a switch, but in a closer fight that might a more important issue.

But what a great fight. You could never count Condit out (other than on points) and GSP kept busy and was never for a second any chance that during the ground game that the ref was going to stand them up.

I don't see how Hendricks doesn't get his chance, and because of the potential GSP 'ring rust' I think that it would be only fair to give him another true WW fight before asking him to move on to take a fight with The Spider.

As for GSP, Anderson, and Jones fighting each other, I am torn. I think they are all great champs and it would be really sad to see any of them get beat, especially in fights outside their divisions (I'll be pulling for the smaller guy in any case no matter what the fight) but man, those fights have to happen ...especially GSP/Silva.)
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