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Originally Posted by osmium View Post
The two judges who scored every round for Georges shouldn't be allowed to ever judge again. They clearly can't be counted on to be objective or competent. I gave it 3 to 2 to Georges and it was an excellent fight; it definitely deserved fight of the night.

I doubt GSP takes the fight with Anderson; he knows he will get smoked. He might not even have that option if he fights Hendricks.
I gave Carlos one round, but I agree with your sentiment nonetheless. I just watched this fight a second time, and it is easily a FOTY candidate. I know that we will get to see the inevitable rematch, which makes this fight all the more satisfying as these two clearly bring out the best in one another. As for the one round I awarded Condit, I do understand that GSP controlled the majority of that round. And that he managed to shake loose the cobwebs after being hit with that baseball bat of a headkick is nothing short of commendable. I just tend to feel that in a round where you come within inches of closing the deal, that ought to be your round. But I do understand that MMA scoring doesn't work this way.

As for the Anderson Silva fight, I hope GSP does what he feels is best for him. He's just signed millions in endorsement deals, and if he believes that the MW kingpin is a foregone threat to that, then respect to GSP for wanting to do his own thing. I think that in his own way GSP has more or less tipped his hat to Anderson Silva. Do fans want him to come right out and say, 'it's a fight I'd probably lose' before they'll move on?
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