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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Condit throws too much goofy shit. He thinks he is a ninja but he isn't.
Lolz...that's how he fights. It's very tricky actually. There's a guy in my gym that fights like em. Half is feints other is because he was hesistant and 10% was probably because he was confused. Couldn't you tell...hehe. He didn't know what was working any more, he tried to do a flying knee several times and before he launched GSP was clear out of the way already. Then he went for his patented 3+4 combos over and over. Worked in the beginning, but towards the end it was useless. It's actually pretty clever cuz he slows it down, mixes it up, and sometimes he doesn't finish with the kick. He fights somewhat similar to Cerrone. He goes with awkward angles. I like his kicks though especially his Brazillian. Unfortunately he doesn't have much power in his kicks. Not the way Mirko, Hardonk, Barry, Aldo, Barboza, Alves or even Cerrone has. I really wish GSP would have tested more of his Muay Thai. I was waiting for him to return the spinning side kick. Imagine if that was Mirko's LHK...geezus. I think GSP really didn't see that LHK cuz he didn't even try blocking it. Boink...then he fell backwards and he must have been wondering what the hell happened...lolz!

PS: What I would give for a handicap match with Anderson w/ one hand tied vs Condit.

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