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Boooo!This is such a dumb matchup. GSP would get smashed, but that's not even the important thing. The important thing is that Johnny Hendricks has a super legitimate claim for title contention. He WRECKED John Fitch, who Georges himself was unable to finish. Furthermore, he's tallied off an impressive series of victories over top-shelf competition.

It's absolutely stupid to put the WW division on hold for a 'super fight' in which the outcome is all but predetermined. Not to mention how compelling a Hendricks-St Pierre matchup would be! Hendricks has a great wrestling pedigree -- possibly enough to defend some takedowns from the champion -- and he COULD knock GSP out beyond a shadow of a doubt. The amount of power he generates from unorthodox punches gives him a chance against anyone!

Also, Anderson needs to stop being a puss. If he wants a superfight, he should take on JBJ. If he wants to, idk, do his duty as the MW champion he should defend his title. He's an amazing fighter and I love him (he's the one who inspired me to do MMA), but he's seriously being a be-yotch right now.

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