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Originally Posted by Kin View Post
Also, Anderson needs to stop being a puss. If he wants a superfight, he should take on JBJ. If he wants to, idk, do his duty as the MW champion he should defend his title. He's an amazing fighter and I love him (he's the one who inspired me to do MMA), but he's seriously being a be-yotch right now.
Really don't understand when people talk like this.

Jones said he didn't want to fight Anderson. Yet Anderson is some how the only reason they aren't fighting now? He just said he wanted GSP then Bones.

GSP should just say no then, so Anderson can figure out what is next. Anderson is putting his self out there, if GSP doesn't want it then just say so. We all know GSP is a afraid to lose. He wants all the chips in his corner.

Explain how Anderson i being a bitch. What did he say to make you claim he is? GSP is being a bitch for not choosing what he wants and standing by it. He is riding the fence like a girl.

Anderson will probably fight Bones in the future. He said he wants to. So not sure what you are even talking about.
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