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Can I take 2 minutes to desribe how dumb this is?

Lets play hypothetical fantasy land for a minute. Say Anderson retired today and GSP moved to 185. Who would you expect to capture the belt at MW? I think Weidman would be a bad matchup for him. But most people would pick GSP or Weidman. So if GSP is good enough to be the #2 or #3 best MW in teh world....what is the problem? He would be a top 3 MW if he moved up. So why is it so unfair that he fights the #1 MW at a catchweight?

People must not think highly of GSP to think he has no shot. Even his fans must not think much of him. You take Cruz/Aldo meeting at 140. Aldo/Bendo meeting at 150. Bendo/GSP meeting at 165. Anderson/Jones meeting at 200. Jones/JDS meeting at 225. No one would call ANY of those catchweight fighst between champs unfair. Yet we gets to Anderson/GSP at 178 and all of a sudden it is the most unfair thing around.

That right there shows you how little faith fans have in GSP. He is the #2 P4P fighter in the whole world. Yet he is getting the baby treatment as to what he can handle and what he can't. If the #2 P4P fighter is so far away from the #1 P4P fighter....that right there says something about his ranking. Not a very good #2 P4P fighter when people think he has no chance of beating the #1 at a catch.
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