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Originally Posted by osmium View Post
Firstly you are clearly delusional if you think GSP was winning the striking exchanges after the second round. The third is impossible to give to GSP under the scoring criteria as well he got outdamaged even when he was on top; in fact he basically did nothing that entire round except get his ass kicked.

I gave Condit the fifth which was competitive but again he got out worked on the ground and lost the standing portions badly. It really isn't supposed to matter how long you are on top of someone in a round if you are losing damage, strikes landed, and submission attempts by a large margin.
I guess all the judges and everyone else watching the fight, including all the other fighters were delusional too. Condit too, since I didn't hear him saying anything like, "I got robbed, stoopid judges".

I give Condit full credit for a great and aggressive guard, but I'll say it again. Losing less does not = winning. Yeah he tried for subs. He didn't get them. He threw a lot of strikes from the bottom, but they did not damage GSP more than the ones GSP was throwing from the top, I simply have no idea why you would think that. GSP was marked up, but Condit was a mess, and looked and acted beaten after the fight, probably because he was beaten.

Don't confuse 'trying' with 'succeeding'. Condit has great heart, and he tried as hard as anyone could, but you don't get points for trying and failing.
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