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Originally Posted by RedRocket44 View Post
Who says he's the #2 P4P fighter? Dana? Anderson? Most reputable lists that bother to rate P4P have Bones at #2 if you take the time to look.

There's a difference between not having faith, and both fans and GSP being realistic about the outcome.

Look at the guys GSP has gone 5 rounds with. Do you think any of those guys would last more than a round with Silva at a catchweight fight?

Second to that - if you saw the post-fight presser yesterday it's seems GSP really isn't interested. He probably just has too much pride to say no - but if he really wanted the fight it would have been a done deal and announced at the post fight presser.

GSP even hinted last night that moving up to 178 may be too much for his body -- he stated that hes very careful with his weight and his body doesn't allow him to move up and down very much like other fighters. He hinted at maybe 170 if Anderson can make that weight. He also talked about how Anderson started his carrer at WW, and has continued to grow, and fought at LHW. He talked about how if they weighed in at 178 anderson could be well above 210 the night of the fight, compard to maybe GSP being 185.

He also took a shot at Dana and the media, saying it was very disrespectful to both Condit and himself to talk about a fight with Silva during the week leading up to this fight. It will be interesting to see if Dana has anyhing to say back, but I'm thinking this is the rare case where Dana may bite his tongue.

Ultimately it's up to GSP, and if you've actually listened to his opinion on the matter (not reading people's opinions on forums, not listening to Dana/Silva talk, not listening to the media) he's never really been interested. He one of the smartest fighters in the UFC, and he's a realist. Again, it's GSP being realistic about the outcome.

I'll end by saying - the funny thing is, if you actually TALK to some hardcoreGSP fans in Canada, most really don't want the fight. It seems to be the Silva fans, Dana White (for the payday) and the GSP haters who want to see him beaten.
They have Bones #2 because GSP has been out. GSP is my #2. He barely loses rounds and has done it much longer than Bones. But who cares who is where? GSP is a long time #2 and perhaps #3 in some eyes. He is #1 still in a few peoples eyes. So it is all a matter of opinion. I consider him #2. Jones can't jump him when GSP has hardly lost any rounds.

GSP is the only fighter who gets away with the "well I have to put on proper weight" ..."Oh I weigh 190-195 before I cut weight but 178 is too much.. While Anderson gets fat as hell and goes to 205. GSO is the ONLY fighter that can use those weird excuses.

Bottom line is any other catchweight between champs wouldn't be called unfair. Yet this one is. GSO is top 3 P4P for gods sakes. And it is unrealistic that he meets the #1 who is 1 division above him? People have no faith in GSP. 1-dimensional Chael Sonnen had all the chance in the world according to many...but GSP a well-rounded wrestler in his own right has no chance and it is unfair? That right there shows how little faith people have in GSP.

It is fine. GSP should just man up and make a choice and stick by it like a man. It is fine if he doesn't want to fight, just say so, so everyone can move on. GSP can stay at 170 for the length of his career and fight manufactured contenders if he wants too. It is his legacy. His career.

Anderson's kryptonite is WRESTLING. People for a while now called GSP the best wrestler in all of MMA. People got all excited to hear that he takes down Rashad of the best wrestlers in MMA...down in practice. I thought it was logical that the best wrestler in all of MMA, with BJJ knowledge to the guy to face Anderson, as that is the matchup that stylistically makes all the sense in the world. But at last, the best wrestler in all of MMA is not good enough to challenge Silva. Ironic. Ironic how Chael got all this love as a wrestler with no BJJ defense. But GSP gets no love as a great wrestler with BJJ. Odd stuff.

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