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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
well considering they are just handing out 205 shots to Anderson's leftovers at 185 the division and whos division it is means a lot less.

Anderson doesn't want that fight. But if everyone else does and it will make big money then he is open to it. Unlike GSP.

GSP can hide at 170 all his life though. He will never be regarded as a certified badass like BJ Penn and others. He will go down as the safest fighter of all time. One of the most dominant champions that was so afraid to lose that it made him into a robot.
I'm not sure how losing makes you more badass. GSP could go get his head knocked off by Dos Santos, according to your logic that would make him a badass?

Why doesn't Frankie Edgar go fight GSP then? He would end up in the hospital, but that would make him more badass right?

Hiding at 170, lol.
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