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Originally Posted by NoYards View Post
GSP doesn't win fights, he beats his opponents .... sure, a big first round KO is exciting, but if you are beaten by a good punch in the first round you can easily say to yourself ..."okay, my mistake, next time I need to watch out for that punch and fight a better game' .... when GSP rag dolls you for 5 rounds how do you recover from that? You can't tell yourself "he was just lucky for 5 rounds."

Probably makes a lot pf opponents question whether they belong in the UFC WW division.
Not a fan of GSP style at all, but you depicted the ultimate truth here.

It's a shame for who like great exchanges, but ppl have to live with that. Saw the same frustration on the face of great strikers facing Jiu Jitsu for their first time. Adapt or get frustrated. Don't like BJJ? Train it hard. Don't like Wrestling? Do the same. That's the way to have the chance of implementing your preferred style finish. It's that or keep complaining world is unfair to you.

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