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Originally Posted by RedRocket44 View Post
What are you talking about? Sherk was a WW fighter when he fought GSP, he dropped down to LW later.

BJ Penn was fighting at WW and even MW before resigning with the UFC and fighting GSP at UFC 58 for the #1 WW contender.

The second time Penn was the LW champion and challenged GSP because he wanted 2 belts.

GSP has never beat up on a 155er that wasn't fighting at WW at the time, or wanted the fight.

Slight difference from this situation.
Not a real difference. All competed at 155. All were natural 155ers, maybe even smaller. Not many guys used to cut massive weight back then. Those were all good wins, and they all were better at 155 or more suited for that. GSP was much bigge than each.

GSP made a name fighting much smaller guys. Guys who spent a lot of their careers as 155ers.

If we are talking size, those guys were just as small as GSP would be to Anderson. And they fought out of weight at 170, while Anderson is willing to meet GSP.

I'm sorry that Anderson is such a bitch for wanting to fight the #2 P4P in the world. Sorry he wants to fight one of the greatest of all time. How dare him.
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