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Originally Posted by rabakill View Post
Get out of here with that nonsense and ignorance. GSP went at Condit from the first second to the last, he doesn't have heavy hands and Condit is nearly impossible to finish. GSP is the second best fighter in the world, but whatever, some people will complain and moan about anything just because they are ignorant. Your entire post was pure garbage after an insanely amazing fight between two amazing fighters, you don't deserve to watch guys like GSP and Condit fight.
A sick guy, who can't stand others opinion!

If you didn't like what I said? Leave it, go forward read the next post in line, don't waste your time. The only guys who read garbage are the garbage themselves!!

What I talked about is facts. Tell me when was his last fight that he finished an opponent? Why take it hard to accept such a quote? This is FACT, its numbers not just lame speech such as what you're trying to enforce here!!

GSP is one of the greatest? Okay, but we need to see finishes not just fights that end by POINTS! We need to see what Martial Arts its about. The game is moving to like BOXING, or even today's world soccer. All about strategy and scoring points. I love the kill of the fighter not just lay and punch. Yes he did damage to Condit, but did you truly in all your heart saw the damage Condit did to GSP, and from where? From his BACK!!!

Grow up, and don't be so childish, if you hate a person's post, you don't have to form all that garbage act of yours against him. Just IGNORE THE POST.

Again, congrats to GSP and his fans, and hard luck for Condit and his fans too.

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