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Originally Posted by SM33 View Post
No it's fine.

Crossing the line is the fact that Goldy still has a job, the guy is strange. His commentary, or irrelevant history lessons, is rubbish and he would be lost without Rogan.

Goldy said something about a fighter last night, Rogan continued with 'I like that word you used...etc'. Goldy fell to pieces, looked like he creamed his pants because Rogan agreed with something he said! Congratulations Goldy, how many years practice have you had?

'Why thank you...' he says with a creepy smile, no confidence in his evaluation of the fighter until Rogan approved it. Strange. I know Rogan is a big personality and speaks with a lot of conviction, tends to steal the show, but it's not his fault Goldy is a bitch.
I think Rogan would be lost/weird without Goldie, to be honest.

Florian wouldn't know what to say with half of Joes inappropriate stuff, where Goldie goes along or feeds him.

Few examples from last night;

1. After Joe asks Goldie "How fat can you be and still be a referee?", Goldie calmly replies -- "I dunno? That fat?"

I thought Goldie was brilliant, where somebody like Florian or Anik probably would have said that's innappropriate.

2. At some point during the Damm/Carvalho fight Goldie is talking about the all the leg kicks from Carvalho and the damage to Damms leg;

Goldie: You know Joe, Carvalho has done more damage, but Damm has actually landed more significant strikes.

Rogan: Compustats. I don't believe that computer for one second.

Goldie: Why not, it has like 10 people running it!
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