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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
I love the Diaz brothers. Big fan. But when was the last time Nick subbed anyone (off of his back) with even remotely decent top control? It would be a great fight in that Nick would constantly look to land from bottom, like Condit, but his chances of submitting GSP aren't what people sometimes make them out to be. Good as he is, Nick's ground game can be nullified by good top control. Factor in someone like GSP, who has great top control, and yeah... long night for Diaz.
The BJ Penn fight was quite a big eye opener to me. BJ really had nothing for Diaz on the ground, nothing. And this is BJ Penn we're talking about here, I still think that right now, present day, BJ Penn is in the top 5 when it comes to a top control game. He submitted Kenny Florian like he was some schmuck from the streets as soon as he took him down.

BJ took Nick down, got the back straight away but couldn't get both hooks in, Nick defended very well (when BJ takes most opponents down, it's really only a matter of time before he takes the back, sinks hooks in and starts working for the RNC - see the Jon Fitch fight). Nick rolled out, huge scramble and pushed BJ off him, then got back to his feet.

I thought that was a very significant aspect of the fight. Whilst BJ isn't known for being a wrestler, he actually possesses one of the best take down/take down defense ratios in the sport and His top control is out standing.

If BJ couldn't control Nick on the ground for more than one minute, I'm not what any of these wrestlers are really going to do to Nick.
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