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Thought i do agree with GSP dominating hendricks, people arent giving hendricks the respect due.

There is a reason, believe it or not, that hendricks connects with that big right hand. If it was TELEGRAPHED, it wouldn't have hit Kampmann. He sets the punch up nicely with his jab and the way he covers distance after the jab is PHENOMENAL.

There is only one other fighter in the division who covers distance with his punches like Hendricks, and that's gsp himself.

Here's the thing, we KNOW GSP is acceptable to a flash KO. And we KNOW hendricks has the heaviest hands in the division. He doesn't have the best arsenal. That's obvious. But if there is anyone that could get a flash KO on GSP, its hendricks. I mean who else in the WW division has knocked off 2 top 5 (?) fighters within the first minute with one punch? None. Carlos condit is a GREAT striker. The reason he has so many knock outs thought isn't because of his power, it's because of his combinations.

Hendrick's deserves his shot no doubt, and sure he will probably get 50-45'd, but if there is someone that has the best chance to flash KO GSP, it is definitely Hendricks.

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