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Originally Posted by Soakked View Post
And addressing the GSP/Silva fight, I don't blame GSP for not wanting that fight because Silva will destroy him, and he knows this. He is also the smaller fighter, that has nothing to prove anyone (except himself maybe and the GOAT status) fighting not only a higher weight class fighter, but THE best fighter in the planet P4P.
This whole excuse can be transferred to Silva/Jones potential match, but ppl normally feel so pitiful for "poor" small GSP, like he was handicapped or smth and not the outstanting athlete he is, ready for a good challenge. In the other hand, ppl tend to call Anderson a coward for not fighting Jones, a very impressive talented fighter, actually a HW cuting to LHW, being Anderson the eldest of the three by good margin. Needless to say nobody called nobody yet.

PS: I am also not interest in the Anderson/GSP fight for similar reasons, just bringing the point.

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