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Originally Posted by RedRocket44 View Post
He's fought 2 guys that have fought at 155. Sherk and Penn!

Everyone else he's fought has always been a WW fighter, or somebody like Miller and Fitch who have fought at WW, MW, LHW...

I believe Sherk dropped down to LW after the GSP fight, but he had over 30 fights under his belt at WW.

Look at who else GSP has fought... Shields, KOS, Hardy, Alves, Serra, Huges, Trigg, etc.

You're really not making much sense dude..
Matt Serra didn't fight at LW?

Serra and Sherk were both 5'6 midgets. One with a 67 inch reach the other with a massive 68 inch reach.

What don't you get? I am saying to you. He had 2 fights vs. Penn (2 of his biggest wins) 2 fights vs. Serra (1 he lost, other was one of his bigger wins), he foght Sherk once (considered a good win by GSP). Am simply saying 5 of his "good wins" have been against midgets or undersized men. So for anyone to say Anderson is picking on a smaller ridiculous. Yea, he is picking on the #2 P4P fighter. Poor GSP. Lets treat GSP as if he is a 22 year old fighter who isn't good when it comes to Silva.

Hey if GSP doesn't want to whatever. I'm just pointing out he has built his name off over matched and very smaller fighters pretending they were WWs. Jon Jones fights guys giving up 4 inches in height, 15-25lbs, and at a foot reach disadvantage each time he defends his title.

But the only time anyone ever complains about size is when ANderson is brought up. I find it odd.

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