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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
The difference being that one fights at LHW often while the other has never left WW. I realize you're trying to make a point, but at least appreciate that there are differences between GSP vs. Silva and Silva vs. Jones. Silva just threw Stefan Bonnar - a large LHW - around like it was nothing. GSP would clearly be giving up more size to Anderson than Anderson would to Jones. I'm not saying it's an excuse, but treating GSP vs. Silva as similar to Silva vs. Jones is reaching.

Anyway, all of this is getting tiresome. If the fight happens, then great. Needless to say the contract won't be signed because of the bickering of a few fanboys on MMAF.
So because he is the most versatile fighter there is....we should penalize him?

Anderson at a catch of 178 would probably be in the cage at 200. GSP fighting at 178 would enter the cage at 190 or more.

Anderson give up way more reach to Jones than GSP gives up to Anderon.

Anderson is closer to Bones height than GSP is to Anderson's height.

SO 2 out of the 3 categories for measuring size point to GSP/Anderson being closer than Anderson/Bones.

We don't have to do this GSP fight. Thats fine. There would be a giant excuse anyway after. Old man Anderson, the best fighter to ever put on MMA gloves will go up in weight, not even a catch and fight the biggest phenom the sport has seen in some time if ever. Don't worry, old man Anderson will give us a superfight. No one else wants to give up anything. Almost 40 year old Anderson will be the one to sacrifice and man up. Don't worry.

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