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I might get flack for this but IMO in arenas -

Brazil fans - most passionate, and stubbornly biased. Are concerned mostly with heart (whether on the ground or on the feet). Loyal to their countrymen.

Japan fans - most respectful and appreciative of mechanics but somewhat passive (opposite of passionate). Love a good ground sub war but aren't put off by striking. Take pride in their countrymen but will side with whoever is the most technical.

Canadian fans - Most objective; Rocky 4 type cheer whoever is putting on a show, like all around types; cheer a good ground battle stand up war or technical stand off. Aren't afraid to change teams so to speak.

American fans - Somewhere between Brazil fans and British fans, most likely to be fairweather ones (real fans rarely afford ticket prices ), brawling fanatics. Appreciative of power. Loyal to their countrymen.

British fans - Somewhere between American and Canadian, appreciate a good technical standup but despise the ground game. Cheer for heart.

This is my opinion of course and I only speak of hive mind behavior in arenas not individual fans themselves.

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