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That's a pretty badly busted up face for some one who spent the large majority of the fight on the ground in the top position.

Condit's ground and pound from the bottom was quite clearly very effective and other than the huge slicing elbow GSP landed at the end of the first round, I'm not so sure GSP's strikes from the top were really that significant at all.

@Roflcopter, GSP passed to half guard very briefly a few times throughout 25 minutes. Condit immediately hip escaped and regained full guard pretty much every time GSP passed.

Condit did a great job of controlling GSP's posture and not allowing GSP much space to land strikes and land short elbows and strikes of his own from the bottom.

@SportsNerd, I don't see how my last three paragraphs are stupid when these fighters are competing in an organisation called the Ultimate FIGHTING Championship. The goal is to fight, not simply control for 3/5 rounds (not having a go at GSP here, but speaking in general terms).

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