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Originally Posted by MMA-Sportsman View Post
Strikes from the top will always score more and this is simply fair for the following reason: Nobody goes to a fight with a gameplan to strike from the bottom(strike I said, not sub).

GSP intended to stay on top and land strikes to the end so his plan worked.
In the other hand, Condit, although active, was kept in a position he did not want to be and he was unable to revert that decisively. So the strikes he landed from the bottom, although hurting GSP, were depicting his frustration, his inability to get up and highliting the fact he was being overwhelmed. His strikes were plan B and would never finish GSP.

Who ever controls the fight and hold his opponents down will be the winner in MMA and that's not about to change. Frustrating for some fighters and fans, but reality.
If strikes from the bottom were to score more points, Anderson would not have to worry about submitting Sonnen in their first bout, based in the carpaccio he turned Sonnen's face to by his strikes from the bottom.
Believe me, Anderson did not have a mark on his face after 4.5 rounds under Sonnen, but that was not the position he wanted to be, while Sonnen was in the exactly dominant position he wanted, throwing pillow punches, yes, but attacking anyway. So Anderson knew he needed to finish to win. Then he did...
Some people just bruise easier as well, but Condit was able to cut GSPs nose, both eyes and appear to give him a swollen lip as well.

That's not to say GSP didn't cut up Condit real bad either.

Also, I think some of that damage to GSP was done during some of the stand up exchanges towards the end of the fight, but GSP didn't let Condit keep it there long.

I said it in another thread, if fights were soley judged on damage alone, GSP could have very well lost. But he scored a lot of points in the judges eyes with the 7 takedowns and top control, and landing the more power shots.
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