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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
And I actually thought Condit did a fantastic job of controlling GSP's posture throughout the majority of the fight from the bottom position.
That is not what octagon control is.

Octagon control is defined as "dictating the pace, place and position of the fight." That criteria would have easily been given to GSP in every round.

Believe it or not, no points are given at all, in any criteria for defense, other than grappling for reverals/sweeps. It is primarly only a method of not losing, not a means of scoring points.

eg. a submission that nearly finishes an opponent scores more points than multiple trivial/weak submission attempts, however no points are scored for defending submissions.

Same idea with striking, and takedowns.

It's all about implementing your gameplan on the other opponent -- being the agressor, with more points awared for quality over quantity.

Again - nobody goes into a fight with the plan to land strikes from the bottom, submit from the bottom, or ending the fight with an upkick. If you do, lucky you -- you get the finish and possibly a KO/sub of the night bonus. But you can't honestly say that was what your plan was going into the fight. You can prepare for those situations, but you don't go into the fight planning to win that way. The only exception may be very skilled BJJ fighters who like to pull guard and try for triangles / armbars etc. The rules don't exactly favour that style, but a takedown is awarded for pulling guard.

This is one of the reasons why you hear people say that wrestling is one of the best base skills for MMA. You score points for grappling (takedowns), control (dictating the pace/place), and you are going to be landing strikes or attempting submissions once on the ground.

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