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Safe Mode

I want to make a general comment about what people call GSP in 'safe mode'.

Look at round five of the Condit fight.

'Safe mode' is, your arms are burning, you legs won't fire, your lungs can't find air, and those asshole in your corner keep yelling shit you're too goddamn tired to understand. What you DO understand is that the one person you CAN see will gladly decapitate you, AND he's proven he can.

SOME of you are fighters. Can you really criticize GSO for taking the 'control him, then try to knock him out' approach? If you ar NOT a fighter, take it from me, when you're in a tiny space, with a HIGHLY wired individual trying to end you consciousness, like ain't exactly the same.

I have a really good solution to facing Carlos Condit in a space that small. No. Give me a football stadium and a machine gun .... actually, he still wins 6 out of 10.
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