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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Anderson wants the fight bad. He is the only one of the 3 that can go below his weight class. He makes his weight class easier than anyone according to Dana. Dana said he makes that with no problem what so ever.

He wants it bad but he isn't making 170. So he will just do something else. He offered. GSP declined. That is fine. Not many times can you pit the #1 vs the #2. But oh well. I will hold out for the hopes of Jones/Anderson after Jones gets done doing a reality show and backing up the division. Not sure if Anderson taking on Bones would be fair to teh Machida/Hendo winner. Jones has many challenges at 205. Perhaps Anderson will just retire.
Well he makes his weight easier than Bones and GSP because he is closer to the limit. He is usually only cutting 10-15 pounds to make MW and GSP and Bones cut around 20 or a little more. Which is why the Anderson is too big for GSP thing is hilarious. Where were those people when GSP was fighting BJ, Serra, and Sherk saying he was too big to be fighting him or that Alves was too big to be fighting GSP because he probably weighs more than Anderson.

I think Anderson could probably make 170 but he shouldn't be forced to there isn't a point in him getting the 170 title the fight is about greatness fighting greatness not belts.
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