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Originally Posted by 2zwudz View Post
If George avoids a striking game on the feet with Silva I think he can control him on the ground and get the win. I also think Jones will flat out beat Silva.
I don't know where you get that GSP could control Anderson on the ground when Chael couldn't do it and he's better at wrestling and bigger. In the first round of the rematch Anderson took no damage whatsoever and made it look easy, GSP would fare no better. It would take one missed superman punch or one missed spinning kick and Anderson annihilates GSP, I don't even think GSP would get him down.

I also don't think Jones handles Silva, Jones is vastly inferior in striking and Anderson's never been cut. Of course Jones could win with his wrestling but Anderson is the best fighter in the world.

I get that people want the fight because it's talked about so much but to me Anderson vs. Jones is way more competitive as where GSP vs. Silva is a one-sided beat down. GSP almost got finished by a 170 pounder that isn't in the top 10 p4p, he's going to get destroyed by a 185 #1 p4p. I don't know why people are clamoring for a fight that's not competitive at all.

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