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Am I in good shape for my age?

I literally joined five minutes ago so excuse me if i'm not posting in the right forum,

I'm seventeen and 5,10
I weigh 170 Pounds.

I Curl roughly 35 pounds( 20 reps x 3 sets )(Each arm)
I bench about 180 pounds? I do about 2 sets of ten but when I hit my tenth one is when I literally give it all I got as my arms are starting to shake and give out.

Building muscle or toning I know the differences and what not but my main point is am I in good shape?

I can run about 5k Hard without stopping, I guess vomiting abit when you're finished is natural for pushing yourself,

I got the school record for 85 pushups in a minute and 110 crunches in a minute, My legs i can hold a good fair weight on them too, leg press i can do about 190?

I'm not joking or bragging, Serious question, am I doing good for my age/height/weight!?! Let me know!
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