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I just watched the fight again to make sure I remember it correctly. I was (somewhat ) intoxicated last night.

I was correct in my assessment though. Condit had next to nothing for GSP in that fight. It was a hell of a fight, and Condit is a ******* warrior, but GSP had him beat everywhere.

Condit had a good combo or two, and a good head kick. He had some good sub attempts but GSP was clearly never in trouble. With the exception of the one head kick, GSP landed harder, cleaner, and more overall strikes. Condits strikes from the bottom inflicted damage in the sense that they cut GSP... but if you think any of those strikes were harder than GSP's elbows / punches from on top I question if you have ever been in that position. The strikes from bottom can cut. Do they hurt as bad as from top? Hardly. Which is exactly why it isn't scored as much.

I don't have the time to explain why strikes from the bottom isn't as effective as strikes from in someones guard... or half guard. I didn't think something like that needed to be explained to people who have so many posts.

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