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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
Again... if Anderson wants the fight as badly as he claims, he can go to 170. He even said in an interview that he'd be willing to make that cut. And were he to do so, I've little doubt GSP would fight him. You call out someone in a lower weight class,...
To cut weight is a totally separate camp and many say it's the worse part of a training camp. So Anderson would have to train hard and still cut weight while GSP would be granted with the privilege of devoting his full time to train only and keep his hidratation at optimum level through the whole time, so what's his disadvantage here?

Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
... especially when he's out with a career altering injury, then you make the adjustments necessary to make the fight happen. Simple as.
Possible career altering injury, you mean. This was a fair speculation before, until GSP just showed us his career and style did not suffer any alteration from his injury/time off.
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