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Originally Posted by rul3z View Post

Talked about this yesterday, people thought I'm just a hater!!

Check this fact out: here

See fact #20

Tell me I'm a hatred again
GSP fought a war in which he dominated. People get cut up / bruised up in wars all the time.

You are a hater. That was a hell of a fight. You are more concerned with the fact that GSP didn't finish than the fact that we got to see an amazing fight.

I could understand the hate for GSP if this fight was boring and he didn't finish. But it was a ******* war against a really tough opponent... and all GSP haters care about is that 1. GSP didn't finish and 2. OMG GSP was cut / bruised at the end of the fight.

Good God the amount of trolling on this board lately has been almost unbearable. I feel like sherdog bought this place out and is slowly merging the forums together. God help up.

RIP Jordan Corder. Watch over me from above brother.
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