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Was a great showing from GSP after such a long layoff and against a tough opponent. That being said, he did seem to be missing a couple things we're used to seeing from him. First was his cardio. While going 5 rounds at that pase would kill most people, this was the first fight I've ever seen GSP look even slightly winded. Second was his standup. What made him so dangerous on his feet was his ability to stay out of range, explode in, strike and get back out before getting tagged. There wasn't really any of that this time. Even his takedowns seem more due to his immaculate timing. There were none of those steamroller doubleleg. Hoping it was ringrust, but we'll see.

GSP vs. Hendricks will see Hendricks spending alot of time on his back, very similar to GSP/Koshchek 1. No excitement there.

GSP/Silva has potential. GSP is absolutely for sure going to keep that fight on the ground. No way he's dumb enough to bang with him. He also doesn't have Sonnens tendancy to stick his head in triangles at every opportunity. That being said, those long limbs make Silva damn dangerous off his back. Just don't think it will be the one sided murder some people think.

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