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Originally Posted by The Best Around View Post
Bummed out Condit didn't win as he's one of my favorites. GSP was taking him down too easily. The blueprint (if there is one) to beating GSP seems to be someone who has good striking and TDD. Once Condit didn't finish the TKO, I knew he was doomed because GSP went for only TD's after that and rightfully so. To beat GSP, it has to be a clean KO.
Same, I am bummed as I seriously thought Condit was going to win, and not only win, but finish as I knew a decision would never go his way.

I really thought Condit's ground game off his back would be enough to neutralize most of GSP's offense, but clearly I was wrong. GSP was able to keep up his attack and Condit couldn't really get anything solid.

I thought Condit had GSP after the headkick, but all the credit in the world to GSP for coming back, and as one article said 'He even appeared angry for the first time ever in the cage'.

As a side note, and hopefully not taken as bitterness as it isn't, but why couldn't GSP finish Condit. There were several times where I saw chances that he could have gone for, but everytime he rode it to safety again. Other than that head kick GSP was never in any real danger, so why not take the risk knowing he could regain control should it not work?
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