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I hear what people are saying about winning on a points system although Saturday wasn't really won by that. I've come to accept it. Edgar doesn't have much KO power so he has to stick and move. GSP does not have KO power either and coupled with a bad experience he has opted with the GJ fight system although he is very active...much more so than say Fitch, Lay Praynard, and definitely more so than Guida.

Early on people couldn't figure out Royce's technique until years down the road. His time passed.

Tito couldn't be stopped that was until the Iceman came in with the sprawl and brawl technique. Hughes was on a tear til a chubby Hawaiian submitted em and then a Canadian entered the scene who truly dethroned em.

Brock was winning by overpowering and controlling his opponents through sheer power and gnp until Cain learned to reverse through a butterfly guard, and Overeem showed him it was time to pick on someone his own size.

Chael Sonnen smothers people very similarly to all the other wrestlers, but guess what he got submitted by Maia and Anderson Silva.

Point is they all FOUND A WAY to win and each eventually were replaced. In the laws of the jungle only the strong survive through adaptation.

Look, I'm an all offensive type of guy in any sports you can think of. I hate the whole (safe) defense wins game strategy although I've come to learn that it's part of the game.

At the end of the day you can hate it, but you have to respect it.

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