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Originally Posted by TheNinja View Post
I get it... All you GSP fans think Anderson Silva is so good he should drop to 170 and fight GSP.

Defend his Belt at 185lbs

Move up to to 205lbs and fight Jon Jones...

This all because He is the Man Right? Just say it? Not because you guys are scared little_______???

So Siva should be punished for fighting at 168, 177, 185, and 205 now... He's basically Being Looked down upon for taken risks in career that other fighters are afraid to take. Besides guy like BJ Penn.

Butt it's OK, what your really saying is... Anderson is the Greatest fighter ever. And your guy is a little ____??? Come on Say it... You know it's what your thinking... Why else do you keep getting so defense
A scared little welterweight?

Why should GSP be the one who has to leave his weight class when Anderson's the one pushing for the fight? Georges clearly doesn't want the fight.

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