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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Like I said, I don't think Georges wants the fight, maybe he just didn't wanna make an irrational decision with his adrenaline running coming off a big win but I get the impression he's not down to fight Anderson and I think that if a super fight does happen it'll be Jones/Silva not Silva/GSP.

Right now, it's looking like neither fight will happen and that's fine with me, I don't like the idea of them and to me the real super fights are Aldo/Edgar, Cruz/Barao, Jones/Gus, JDS/Overeem and such. Obviously they don't have the same hype as Mayweather/Pacquiao or GSP/Silva, Jones/Silva would but those are much more realistic and comparable than GSP/Silva or Jones/Silva considering like Mayweather/Pacquiao those guys are all in the same weight class/range of each other where Jones, Silva, and GSP all fight in different weight classes and are separated by 15 pounds.
We don't need superfights every year. But these 2 guys have been the #1 and #2 for a long time now. They have ran through their divisions thus far. I think it is fitting that this fight happens. Well-rounded wrestler vs. the well-rounded striker. It makes all the sense in the world stylistically.

I'm surprised that even GSP fans think he has no shot. He out-wrestles legit collegiate wrestlers like Kos, Fitch, Hughes. He takes down a 205 beast of a wrestler in practice. So what is the logic behind him not being able to do this vs. an average wrestler who competes at 185? Vitor is probably a better wrestler than Anderson...would people also call that unfair? If GSP fought Munoz no one would have a problem with the size difference.

People have a problem with this. And use size as some excuse, because they know GSP would get kicked in the face and fall down. And it would have little to nothing to do with size. Most everyone here knows this, and would rather use size as the excuse than the fact that ANderson is just that much better technically.

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