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Originally Posted by Killz View Post
There's a reason SIlva wont fight Jones... The same reason GSP wont fight Silva.
This is one thing that really makes me wonder. How do people say this?

Do people NOT know by now that Jones doesn't want to fight Anderson and has said as much? So why is it like Anderson is ducking Jones? When they both said they didn't want that fight.

Jon Jones " I don't want to be the guy who beats Anderson, and I don't want Anderson to be the one who beats me"

So how in the world can you say this? Since then both said they may be open for it down the line. Anderson said he wanted GSP then Bones just the other day.

Is Bones sitting there asking Anderson to fight at a catch...and is Anderson saying "no come to 185 if you want fight"?????? NO.

Why can't Anderson fight GSP, then Weidman, then Bones, then retire? Bones is a retirement fight because there is nothing more to do after that win or lose.

When people say this type of stuff I really wonder if they lack common sense. The 2 situtaions are not close tothe same. Jones has said as much as ANderson he doesn't want that fight.

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