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Originally Posted by Peak Experience View Post
whoho internet tough guy. As if you had never lost a fight, struggled with beliefs and so on.

This could be such a great thread that could help others but because of people like you it's all just a penis length comparison. Which ironically is the definition of being an infant.

Stay out of this thread, nobody wants you. Better yet, stay out of social gatherings nobody wants you there aswell.
Aren't you the one claiming martial arts is a fraud...on a forum about mixed martial arts?
Seems like you are the one lost here. You don't appear to be genuinely asking for advice, you're just bashing all martial arts. Also there is a difference between losing a fight and cowering in fear. If you come on and say you got your ass kicked after giving it all you got then I'm sure most will respect you. But that's not what you did at all. You give no effort and then push all blame onto martial arts. No respect there.
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