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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
I'm just trying to sort out irrational statements and false claims. At this point I don't think Anderson/GSP will happen. GSP already declined in my eyes. But just annoys me when people say "well Anderson won't fight Bones". Shit he won't. He has said he would. And Jones isn't sitting there asking him to a catchweight. He is sitting on the TUF set with Chael Sonnen. Bones wouldn't even do a catchweight like Anderson would do for GSP.

Now I just don't know where Anderson goes. Perhaps he will just sit out. Weidman has 9 fights and taking on Boetsch. Weidman would be a small draw Bisping is scheduled as well. Anderson was banking on GSP doing the fight because GSP basically said he would back when he was rehabing. Dana wouldn't of been scheduling and saying it will be in May if he didn't think GSP would do it.

I really hope Anderson says, ok you fight your little Hendricks fight. I will diet down and get to 170. I will then teach GSP a lesson and kick his ass anyway, AT HIS WEIGHT and take his belt. Then throw the belt out and go fight Jones or retire. I hope he gets fired up enough to try it. Because at 38 years old and doing all the dirty work and still kicking his ass would be that much sweeter.

I will hope for the Bones fight sometime next year. Bones is holding up the division fighting 185ers and doing a reality show. Hendo deserves a shot. If Machida beats Hendo he deserves a shot. Gustaf beats SHogun he desereves a shot. So we will see. Hopefully Bones/Anderson happens sometime next year. Maybe Superbowl next year would be a good date for that one.
Bones isn't the one holding up 205.

The only guys that accepted a fight with Jones are Hendo, Sonnen, and Vitor and Dana is being a moron and punishing Hendo for no reason and quite frankly I don't think Hendo will ever get a shot if Machida/Hendo happens.

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