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Originally Posted by Freakshow View Post
Until GSP says no outright, than it's still a possibility. And as I said in other posts, I don't think the winner is a foregone conclusion by any means. I think it would very competitive. Or very short, lol, depending on who gets off first. Silva has shown weakness in the area of GSP's strength. GSP hasn't shown weakness vs. strikers, although he's never faced one as good as Silva. (sorta impossible unless it IS Silva) Think it has the potential to be a great fight.

On a different note, you have a better chance of seeing me in the cage vs. Silva, than a Silva Bones matchup lol. There's no way he'll risk his legacy against a younger, bigger fighter with more reach. Especially a wrestler with knockout power
I think the possibility of a Silva-Bones fight is not as low as you think. Silva said he wanted the fight, Bones said he is open to the fight, Dana wants to make the fight, I'm sure Dana would try his best to make it happen. Its obvious Silva just wants the biggest money fights now. He wants GSP then Jones. He even threw Bisping out there as a potential matchup if GSP lost against Condit. I'm sure if the money is right, Silva would be willing to fight Jones. Remember how adamant Silva was on not fighting Sonnen for the 2nd time? I believe Silva is just holding out for a bigger payday.

Anyway, Jones with knockout power? Not really...

Silva's chin is good enough to take Jones's shots anyway.

Originally Posted by dlxrevolution View Post
Anderson has intertained the idea of dropping to 170, however GSP himself said he didn't want that fight (AS vs GSP) at 170 because he feels he would have a cardio advantage.

Wow, you serious? Any link to that?

No freaking way GSP is gonna fight Silva if he indeed said that. GSP doesn't even want to fight Silva at his own weightclass?

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