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Originally Posted by MagiK11 View Post
I'll agree with that, and admit that might not have been the best example. But lets take Nate diaz, I don't see that fight being competitive in the slightest, and I won't give Nate any shit for not stepping up and fight GSP. So I don't understand all the hate people have if GSP chooses not to fight Anderson.

But if he does choose to fighting anderson, even though I think he'll get dominated and KO'ed, I'll still root for him as I always do.
Well Rory Mac tossed Nate around at 170. So sure you are right.

But here is another thing. People really must not think much of GSP. We are talking the #1 and #2 best fighters in the world. How is that comparible to GSP and Nate Diaz?

People are protecting the #2 fighter in the world as if he is some decent fighter. No, he is easily the best 170 in the world. And stylistically he matches up well with Anderson's weakness. Anderson cutting would hinder his strength. People tend to see Anderson as his 205lb thick self. Not, he will be cutting a lot of weight and losing a lot of muscle. It isn't little GSP vs. big chunky Anderson. It would be a more filled out GSP vs. a more slender and drawn out Anderson.

Edit: Also you are crazy if you don't think Nate Diaz would take that fight. He definatly would. Only way he wouldn't is if he thought his brother should get it and didn't want to get in his way. Nate Diaz wouldn't decline any fight.

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