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Some people just have their hate goggles on 24/7. GSP is the WW champ, fighting people at WW and people are bitching about him not fighting at MW. It's not so much people are scared about GSP losing as it is a waste of a fight for both fighters, with the most compelling evidence being that Chael Sonnen not being able to do anything to Anderson when he was healthy. If a bigger stronger better wrestler couldn't beat Anderson why should GSP waste 6 months training to get his ass kicked in the first round? It's just a stupid fight, GSP has little to no chance. Anderson is so far superior to GSP in striking and with his size advantage GSP has no chance.

People clamoring for this fight are mostly GSP haters that want to see him get his ass kicked, sorry, I'm a fight fan and I like watching good fights not one sided beatdowns that should never have been made.

Let Anderson fight an inferior striker that's slightly bigger than him, that's a competitive interesting fight, I doubt GSP would even sign to fight Anderson anyways. That'd be like Jones fighting JDS right now, it wouldn't even be competitive.
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